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Directly access technical information about Volt speakers and components; images, frequency response with Thiele-Small parameters, dimensional drawings and applications.

Model Size Range PDF
CX220.1 8″ Pro PA CX220.1
BM220.1 8″ Pro PA BM220.1
B250.2 10″ Pro PA B250.2
BM251.3 10″ Pro PA BM251.3
BM251.4 10″ Pro PA BM251.4
BM2500.5 10″ Pro PA BM2500.5
M2500.2 10″ Pro PA M2500.2
RV3113 12″ Pro PA RV3113
RV3153 12″ Pro PA RV3153
RVCXD3153 12″ Pro PA RVCXD3153
RV3813 15″ Pro PA RV3813
RV3823 15″ Pro PA RV3823
RV4504 18″ Pro PA RV4504
RV4514 18″ Pro PA RV4514
VM752 3″ Midrange dome Studio VM752
B220.2 8″ Studio B220.2
BM220.8 8″ Studio BM220.8
B250.8 10″ Studio B250.8
B2549 10″ Studio B2549
B2500.1 10″ Studio B2500.1
BM2500.4 10″ Studio BM2500.4
RV3143 12″ Studio RV3143
RV3863 15″ Studio RV3863
RV4564 18″ Studio RV4564
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