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OEM Design

Trusted by some of the worlds most respected audiophile and OEM manufacturers, Volt Loudspeakers are highly experienced in creating bespoke transducers tailored to exact technical specifications or aesthetics.

All our speakers are designed and made here in Dorset, England. There’s no secret overseas facility so we are able to carefully and personally monitor the quality of each and every product.

Of course we draw on our decades of experience to bring your designs to life, however Volt takes a very personalised approach to delivering what you need. The ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t cut it in the competitive and ever evolving world of high end hi-fi!

Drawn to our drivers...

As a Loudspeaker Designer, you may be drawn to one of our products but it doesn’t quite match the parameters that you need for your design. Following an in-depth consultation we will work closely with you to adapt a product so it works perfectly for your needs. Changes can be made to any one of the components used within the drivers, whether the cone, voice coil, magnet system or the colour or shape of the chassis. In addition to AES power tests, we use Klippel R&D and of course, our own ears, to extensively test and measure initial prototypes. These will be sent to you and can be returned for further tweaks until the driver is ready. You would, of course, be granted exclusively to this product and its specifics would remain confidential.

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Brand new...

You may have a request for a completely new transducer: A specific cone material, chassis design, or perhaps an unusual application? We have a wide network of leading national and international suppliers whom we can draw on to create something entirely bespoke and that fits within your price point. CAD is used to create detailed 3D models to ensure that all components are sized perfectly for your design. In addition, we use Finite Element Analysis for the magnet assembly design to ensure maximum efficiency is gained within the magnetic gap. During these initial stages, these simulations are shared with you and interactive improvements can be made. Waiting for bespoke hardware to be made can take time so we use 3D printing in order to create rapid prototypes to keep things moving. Your new product would undergo our standard test protocols and any others that may be relevant.

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Reawakening the past...

The rich history of the British Audio industry is recognised and celebrated worldwide. Iconic designs, pioneering engineers and a natural, balanced sound mean that for many, it’s not something that should ever be forgotten. Perhaps you are reviving a heritage monitor, relicensed BBC LS3/5 or LS5/9 and whilst you want to maintain its sound and aesthetics, you want it to elevate it with more modern components. Or you want it faithfully replicated using, where possible, only original parts and materials. Perhaps it’s because Volt is a truly British manufacturing company with values firmly aligned with the sound and quality that made the British Audio industry so iconic, that we’ve had great success with projects in this field. The whole team have loved reconnecting with the history surrounding such loudspeakers.

British Manufacturing

To some of our customers having their products made in Britain is of huge importance. Volt are more than capable of undertaking assembly-based jobs so that you can have peace of mind that your speakers will be consistently assembled time and time again.

NDA Agreements

Having an anonymous supply source may, for whatever reason, be important to you. We are happy to work with you on a strictly confidential basis if this is what works.

“We have enjoyed a very close working relationship with Volt Loudspeakers for over thirty years. Many of our products utilise bespoke and custom-made drivers that have been tailored to our specific needs and requirements. Volt’s continued support and ongoing investment in developing new materials and technologies along with its manufacturing infrastructure insures they will continue to be one of our key manufacturing partners for a long time to come.”  

Stuart Down
Quested Monitoring Systems Ltd

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