Volt Loudspeakers

Since 1979, Volt Loudspeakers have built an international reputation for professionalism and excellence in the best traditions of the British audio industry.


Based deep in Dorset, England with over 40 years of audio experience.

Meet the key players in the Volt Loudspeakers’ team

David Lyth

Technical Consultant

Whilst he doesn’t like to mention it, David has over 50 years’ experience in the audio industry. His interest in sound started in his teens when he made a crystal pickup cartridge and various speaker systems. After graduating with a degree in electronics, he then gained an MSc in Applied Acoustics from London University with specialisation in servo controlled loudspeaker systems.

David then worked at Jordan Watts of Hayes, Middlesex, which manufactured full range aluminium cone loudspeaker units and systems. He was also employed by Gale Electronics as QC manager and lead production for their well-known black and chrome loudspeaker system. In 1976 David moved to Martin Audio as Technical Lead where...
"After designing the crossover for the LE200, Lyth became a central figure in the development of midrange, and what became the MH212 ‘Philishave'" - Martin Audio
He left Martin Audio in 1978 and completed six months with Sanyo designing domestic systems and advising on their UK manufacture. Now with a wealth of commercial experience, David leased a small space from his first employer and Volt Loudspeakers was born – the rest is history. A highly respected figure in the audio industry, Volt’s founder now acts as a consultant to the rest of the team and occasionally takes on a project that catches his eye.

Steve Nichamin

Owner and Director: Head of Engineering

Steve is from an audio-visual and electronics background and has over ten years’ experience in building and installing sound systems in a wide range of locations spanning clubs, festivals and corporate environments. He then spent four years at Bath University as a lead AV technician and was responsible for all AV control system programming and technical support for the lecture theatres.

Steve started at Volt in 2013 and, under the watchful eye of David, started to learn the business of loudspeaker design. Steve continues to increase his knowledge of in this field and has been solely responsible for Volt’s VM527 2” midrange dome and the RV2501. His naturally inquiring mind has driven him investigate and evaluate new production processes and ensure that Volt’s products are always of the high quality in terms of sonic performance.

Cat Lyth

Owner and Director: Business Development

David’s daughter has been involved with Volt Loudspeakers for many years. In 1998 she took on her first formal position in the production team in the old Hayes factory. She focused primarily on software and testing of the speakers and later managed the office and promoted products at exhibitions.

In 2004, Cat left Volt to complete an honours degree in English and Media and started work in corporate event organisation and then education management. Cat could not resist the challenge of returning to Volt and has been committed to developing the family business ever since. Although she’ll be the first to admit that owning a small business and bringing up two boys is not without its challenges!

Dan Browne

Production Supervisor

Dan started work at Volt back in 2008 in the Production Team and has proven himself to be an exceptional technician. He has an extensive knowledge of all production techniques and an unparalleled eye for detail. An obviously choice for Supervisor, Dan was promoted in 2017 and now oversees the training and development of the Production team and works closely with Steve to develop best practice within the factory. Dan is also dedicated to refining production systems and quality control.

Volt Heritage

  • 1978Volt is founded by David Lyth

    In 1978, David Lyth founded Volt to design and produce exceptionally linear bass loudspeakers. Initially, quantity production of loudspeakers began in the Jordan-Watts premises in Hayes, London.
  • 1982Volt growth demands new factory

    Production growth in the hi fi and studio sectors increased and subsequently Volt moved to the fourth floor of the original EMI factory – a fitting location for a loudspeaker manufacturer.
  • 1980sVolt expands lines and materials

    During the 80s, Volt responded to market demand for PA drivers, fiberglass horns and pressed steel units from both national and international clients. To complement the drive units, it started to manufacture inductors focusing on air and E core then later ferrite core types.
  • 1990Volt patented the Radial Chassis

    Volt patented the Radial chassis in 1990, to offer a unique solution to the industry’s ever increasing requirement for greater power handling and reliability. Due to its distinctive and functional design the Radial was soon used in many of the world’s most respected sound systems and studio monitors.
  • 1995PMC evaluate our Radial speakers

    Pete Thomas and Adrian Loader visited David in Hayes, to evaluate the Radial loudspeakers. PMC went on to use them in their iconic BB5’S studio speakers and subsequent MB2Ses.
  • 1999Arrival of the Midrange

    Persuaded by long standing customer Roger Quested, Volt grew beyond bass and built its first midrange dome.
  • 2007Volt streamlines to specialised audio

    2007 saw Volt depart its hectic London base and relocate to rural premises near Chesil Beach in Dorset. Simultaneously the product range was streamlined in order to satisfy requests for more specialised, bespoke audio projects.
  • 2013Volt management passes to Cat & Steve

    In 2013, David has passed the management of Volt Loudspeakers to his daughter Cat and her husband Steve, whilst he continues at Volt as a Technical Consultant. Both Cat and Steve are proud of the legacy they have inherited and are equally as excited about the future evolution of such an innovative and respected loudspeaker manufacturer.
  • 2014Investment in software and hardware

    Volt invested in a bespoke MRP system to streamline the administrative, purchasing, and financial side aspects of the business. In production, a shiny much more automated coil winding machine arrived to keep up with the variety of new inductors Volt was being asked to produce.
  • 2016Team doubles in size

    Continuing to grow, the production team doubles in size and Dan Browne is promoted to Supervisor.
  • 2017Volt digital investments

    Volt invests in Klippel software allowing greater breadth and precision of R&D measurements in loudspeaker production and testing.
  • 2020COVID & Kids

    Britain enters its first national lockdown due to Covid 19 and a day later Cat and Steve welcomed the arrival of their second child. Despite wishing they could have shut down for an extended paternity leave, large international orders meant that Volt remained open with distancing measures in place.
  • 2021Volt doubles production facility size

    Upon hearing a former BBC transmission site was being developed into a business park and instantly fascinated by the building and its history, Cat took on a ground floor space the former ‘West Wing Workshops’ which would more than double Volt Production facility and provide Steve with a much larger R&D space.
  • 2023Volt introduces smallest Radial yet

    Volt welcomes the arrival of their new baby ‘RV2501’ a 10” Radial drive unit! After nearly six years of R&D: evaluating new cone materials, investing in diecast tooling for a higher quality chassis finish and customer feedback. It’s ready!

Careers at Volt

The Volt Management team are supported by a dedicated and brilliant team of skilled individuals who constantly seek to improve the quality of all Volt products.