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This range is designed for use in sound reinforcement applications such as concert halls, pop concerts, outdoor festivals and state-of-the-art nightclubs. Highly specified for superior results, their engineering ensures great consistency and quality even at sustained high output levels. To ensure a cool and controlled performance all models are rear vented. The larger models also incorporate the patented Radial Technology.

The Pro PA range has been designed from the ground up to deliver superior sound quality. As well as a precision engineered and attractive cast aluminium chassis, the Pro PA features a magnet system that has been tailored to give a perfectly symmetrical field ensuring minimal distortion. In addition, most models in the range have twin rear suspensions, giving greater linearity of movement, greater control and greater power.

The Pro PA range is built to the most demanding engineering standards in quality controlled conditions to ensure maximum robustness and reliability. All components are selected to for resilience and high performance, without compromise. Mil Spec wire, space-age materials and advanced glues are used to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Even the terminals are designed for arduous duty. The result is a range that gives consistently cool, clear sound during a long working life.

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