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  • Features:
    The RV3153 is a unique loudspeaker that uses Radial Technology to allow exceptional power handling and reliability. This unit is balanced for use in efficient, compact satellite systems where midrange clarity and projection are critical. It is an ideal complement to subwoofers using the RV3823 or RV4504.
  • Benefits:
    The RV3153 features three cooling systems. In addition to the usual vented magnet it uses the patented Radial chassis, which acts as a giant heatsink, plus a multi-finned magnet intercooler. This keeps voice coil and magnet temperatures exceptionally low resulting in superb reliability, 3dB less power compression and tight, clean bass even after prolonged operation at maximum power. The RV3153 has a symmetrical field magnet for absolute linearity and transient control on high power peak inputs. It's smooth, extended midband response rolls off at 24dB/octave enabling simple crossover design.
  • Model Number: RV3153
  • Nominal Diameter (mm): 310
  • Power Capacity (Watt AES): 400
  • Sensitivity (dB/watt/m): 98.5
  • Frequency Range (Hz): 50-3000
  • Impedance (Ohms): 4, 8 or 16
  • BL Factor: 13.9
  • Voice Coil Diameter (mm): 75
  • Voice Coil Material: Copper
  • Maximum Excursion (mm): 36  (before damage)
  • Magnet Assembly Weight (Kg): 8.1
  • Effective Moving Mass (Kg): 0.033
  • Compliance (M/N): 0.0003
  • Volume Displaced (litres): 3
  • Connection: Metal Push Terminals
  • Chassis: Diecast Aluminum
Mounting Information
Parameter Measure Unit
Overall Diameter 310 mm
Mounting Bolt Circle Diameter 292 mm
Number and Size of Bolts 8 M6
Baffle Cutout Diameter 280 mm front mount
Baffle Cutout Diameter 281 mm rear mount
Depth 145 mm below front flange
Depth 159 mm total depth
Weight 9.9 Kg


Response Curve


Thiele-Small Parameters
Parameter Measure Unit
Fs 51 Hz
Re 5.1 Ohms
Qa 6.58
Qe 0.28
Qt 0.27
Vas 96 litres
Xmax ±4 mm
Sd 479 cm²
Vd 191 cm³
Le 0.95 mH
Suggested Enclosures
Volume(litres) Vent Diameters(cm) Vent Length(cm) System Q -3db freq(Hz)
20 7.5 5.5 7 95
30 10 5 7 85
40 10 5 7 80
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