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David_interview_photoIn 1978, David Lyth founded Volt to design and produce exceptionally linear bass loudspeakers. Initially, quantity production of loudspeakers began in the Jordan-Watts premises in Hayes, London. Production growth in the hi fi and studio sectors increased and subsequently Volt moved to the fourth floor of the original EMI factory – a fitting location for a loudspeaker manufacturer.

During the 80s, Volt responded to market demand for PA drivers, fiberglass horns and pressed steel units from both national and international clients. To complement the drive units, it started to manufacture inductors focusing on air and E core then later ferrite core types.

Volt patented the Radial chassis in 1990, to offer a unique solution to the industry’s ever increasing requirement for greater power handling and reliability. Due to its distinctive and functional design the Radial was soon used in many of the world’s most respected sound systems and studio monitors.

2007 saw Volt depart its hectic London base and relocate to rural premises near Chesil Beach in Dorset. Simultaneously the product range was streamlined in order to satisfy requests for more specialised, bespoke audio projects.

In 2013, David has passed the management of Volt Loudspeakers to his daughter Cat and her husband Steve, whilst he continues at Volt as a  Technical Consultant. Both Cat and Steve are proud of the legacy they have inherited and are equally as excited about the future evolution of such an innovative and respected loudspeaker manufacturer.

The Old EMI Building - Volt's home for nearly twenty years

Assembling software in the 90's

The production line in the EMI Building

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